We offer solar training in SketchUp & LayOut using the latest plug-ins such as Skelion.
Our classes are taught:
  • Online*
  • In an academic setting
  • In compliance with the National Electrical Code, NEC, which particular emphasis on Article 690, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
  • In compliance with the California fire protection (Cal Fire) Solar Photovoltaic Installation Guideline
We teach the following computer and web-based programs:
SketchUp LogoMany organizations teach how to use SketchUp. What sets us apart? We train how to use SketchUp for 3-dimensional modeling of solar systems. We have been doing this type of SketchUp solar training for over 7 years.
LayOut LogoLayOut is a program that is part of the SketchUp Pro suite. It is used to present the solar SketchUp models in a 2-dimensional world, such as on paper or this web site!
Google Earth LogoGoogle Earth is a program that we use with SketchUp for working with proposed solar sites and for showing how the completed solar system will look. We use it extensively in our advanced SketchUp courses. Very cool stuff indeed.
Skelion LogoSkelion is a SketchUp plugin made for the solar industry that we use extensively in our advanced SketchUp courses. Assists in photovoltaic module placement and works in conjunction with PVWatts for predicting performance of solar systems. This is even cooler than Google Earth at least for us solar system designers.
pvwatts1_5NewCanvasPVWatts is a web based program provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). We use it extensively in our advanced advanced SketchUp courses along with Skelion and Excel for estimating photovoltaic system performance.
Excel LogoExcel is a spreadsheet program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. We include this in our SketchUp courses for manipulating data obtained from SketchUp & PVWatts when estimating and presenting system performance.
Instant-Roof-LogoInstant Roof is a SketchUp plugin that we occasionally use in our advanced SketchUp courses. Makes a roof as though by magic and trellises too.
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(By the way, LayOut and SketchUp was used for many of Renewable Engineering’s graphics!)

*We also offer one-on-one online instruction as well as on site instruction upon request.